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My Top 3 Styles For Mother of the Bride / Groom

You know what you don't want, but searching for a style that represents you, can often be hard to find.


I often get statements such as;

1. I don't want to look fuddy-duddy!

2. I've not found anything that looks like me online!

3. I'm a bit nervous, I've never had my hair styled before!

4. I don't want a style that's meant for someone in their 20s!


Regardless of age! As a Mother or Mother-in-law, you want to feel comfortable, confident but ultimately feel like a refined version of yourself.

The styles below capture the most requested looks, so hopefully within one category, a style will encompass you and your personality.

I say with all my clients, even if it's just one element of a style that you love, such as a twist or a flick then we can create a style completely unique to you based on that foundation.

Feelings and emotions can be heightened on a wedding morning so choosing a style that reflects you is super important in helping you feel grounded whilst enjoying the celebrations.


A blow-dry for many is the foundation of looking and feeling good, representing your day-to-day style in how you see yourself but how your family see you too.

Wether you love volume, tucked under, flicked out, smoothed, or airy. A blow-dry can often make us feel refined whilst keeping that natural element.

When wearing a hat or fascinator I always suggest a little more volume than usual. This is to compensate for if and when you chose to remove it later in the day.

The volume will have subsided through wearing your chosen accessory but your style with the added volume will then retain shape and body ready for the evening celebrations.


Now the up-do carries so many variations and can often lead to overwhelm when searching online.

I always start with where your preferred placement would be. For example Mid, Low or High. The addition to this placement would be wether you'd like your chosen style to be central or off to the side (suited more to a low bun)

What is your preferred type of up-do?

For example the middle photo below (black and white) is a textured pleat with most of the detail being central and mid height. Compared to the top left photo which is a smooth textured central, low bun with controlled curls.

The front of any style is subjective to you as the wearer, but by keeping the styling delicate at the front adds a softness to the overall style. Wether through face framing, swept fringes or a wave.

Half up / Half Down

The perfect go between of hair up and hair down. The hair can be styled up and off your face, or left with face framing for a softer more effortless feel.

The hair being kept down and styled at the temples often gives the feel and illusion of thicker, fuller hair whilst the hair styled up opens the face and can help reduce the fluster and anxiety of having hair in the face.

Styled with curls and waves or kept simplistic with a smooth and straight blow-dry this style can help ease the overwhelm as a happy go-between of having something 'too different' ensuring you feel like you whilst feeling styled and refined.

For more information regarding my services check out the About Me section of my website.

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