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The woman is quite literally a magician!!




I honestly don't know what I would have done without you . . .

You are SO, SO, SO much more than just a hairstylist.

Hair by Duboux is an intimate team of professional stylists lead by British founder Sally-Kate Duboux. Having curated a section of the industry that serves you with inventive, one-of-a-kind, considered styling, whilst providing a service that is seamless, stress-free and true to you.  

Exceptional in their knowledge and abilities, the members of Hair by Duboux all have glittering backgrounds, with years of experience working Red Carpet events within the realms of Entertainment - Theatre, Television and film.

The team offers a professional, friendly and un-parrelled loyalty to ensure that your vision is executed to the highest standard, making us the perfect, perfectionists choice.

It is like you've been in my brain and screenshot my vision.

How have you done that, I'm speechless . . .
















                                                             I couldn't love my hair anymore than I do right now.

                                                             Thank you so much.















           I'm so glad I found you!!

Meet  Sally-Kate & By Duboux Team

Sally-Kate is a Hollywood wave specialist and established wedding hairstylist, who is madly in love with styling hair and empowering women to feel the very best version of themselves whatever the occasion.

Styling hair for almost twenty years with a decade dedicated to brides and their loved ones. Hair has always been a fixture in her life, from the innocence of the school playground, to being a celebrity stylist.


To this day Sally-Kate still works within Film & Television, having worked on BBC, ITV and Netflix productions including Call The Midwife, A Spy Among Friends and Bridgerton, whilst keeping her artistic flair alive while working on many current large scale production films.

She brings serenity to a busy mornings prep and eases your butterflies much like a lifelong friend. Recently married Sally-Kate can relate to your requirements and is able to attune her attention to your emotional needs, staying with you as added support till you're aisle ready. 



Millie joined the Hair By Duboux family of stylists in 2023 after meeting in the crowd room on Hulu's The Great, Season 3. Working full time as a freelance hair & makeup artist in film, Millie is able to truly explore and connect with her creativity.


With impeccable attention to detail Millie has travelled the world with Matthew Bourne's productions of Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliette only adding another layer of knowledge and experience.


With a calming presence and an ability in making everyone feel comfortable and reassured, she has been the perfect addition to the growing team, having assisted Sally-Kate with larger bookings.


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