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2023 Wedding Hair Trends

6 Bridal hair styles you will be seeing everywhere this year


If you are newly engaged and are thinking of hairstyles for you and your wedding party, or you're undecided on styles, then here are my predictions for 2023 wedding hair trends.

I get my inspiration from day to day living, fashion houses, catwalks, celebrities and periods in time as my source of creativity.

I wonder which style you'll go for . . .

Hollywood Waves

This timeless style remains on trend with its vintage-inspired waves proving more popular than ever before. Perfected using a tong and twisting the hair around the barrel. I swear by pinning up till the hair is cool, this timeless on trend style takes time and dedication with an even mix of skill, the correct tools and the perfect products suited to each individuals hair type.

As a bride wanting this popular hairstyle, I recommend growing any layers out as this style works better on a one length hair cut. The layering of the hair can inhibit the smoothness and blending of the waves. Short hair works too as you'll see below. Ensure you have regular trims to enhance the health of your hair.

Hollywood waves gives a more classic feel with a deep side parting, this is what gives it the touch of glamour. Those that wish to keep their central or more natural parting will end up with a more modern twist of the timeless classic giving a sleeker less voluminous finish. This style can be adorned with a veil, hair comb or the modern accessorised hair grips. Alternatively with the simplistic no nonsense approach of tucking one side behind the ear.

Modern Up-Do

Up-do's have so many variations on finish from smooth and sleek to textured and undone. The Modern Up-Do is a revamp of the classic, taking the best bits from each time period and simply modernising the style. A go-to style for you and your wedding party as it's compatible with thick, fine, long or short. Whatever your hair type this style will enhance your natural features.

The modern up-do is a romantic style that frames the individuals face perfectly. The simplicity of this style compliments all bridal gowns, from spaghetti straps to high necked with all the lace detail. I would accessorise with pearl pins, or a touch of sparkle, to bring out any detail on your outfit.

Textured twisted buns and braids are the perfect up do for a bride or bridesmaid. I recommend brides accessories using pins such as pearls or celestial vibes and if opting for a veil, request loops over a comb to secure beneath the style, ensuring your style is visible. For bridesmaids opting for this much loved style gypsofillia adds a softer more relaxed boho feel.

The Ponytail

The ponytail is still an underestimated hairstyle, but one that we will see a lot more of in 2023. Originally popular with member of the wedding party, this personal style much like the half up / half down has very many variations, Ranging from sleek and straight to textured and curled, as well as positioning from high to low, no two bride will look the same.

My personal favourite that's rolled into the new year is a mid to low ponytail styled smooth with sections pulled out for a more textured and undone feel.

A popular choice for those thinking of a change in style from the ceremony to the evening reception and PAR-TAY! Is to have your hair styled into a ponytail. This works from Hollywood Waves and the versatile Half up / Half down styles you'll see here in my predictions.

If opting for a change in style then do make sure to tell your chosen stylists.

Romantic, Airy, Textured Up-Do

This popular style from 2022 has evolved into the sought after texturised twisted bun, with slightly more airiness than we've seen before. The illusion of volume being created at the crown with styling gives a fuller feel and perfect for those who have concerns over having finer hair.

The twists of the bun give depth and show off the colours and tones in the hair. Make sure to save images that reflect you! The same style on a brunette to a blonde for instance will look completely different.

The style is easily achievable by alternating the direction of curls and varying the sections, this helps add shape when placing the hair. For the bun the option of padding and/or hair extensions can give the illusion of fuller hair and will be discussed at your trial by your hairstylist.

All four images are considered a textured bun however you can visibly see the versatility of these styles makes them completely unique. The overall style and placement of the hair will come down to your wedding style which includes your outfit, venue whilst working with your hair cut and colour and face shape.

Half Up / Half Down

I love these styles!! The style that is the perfect compromise if your wedding party have mixed feelings on having hair completely up, or down. For the undecided bride or bridesmaid. Half up / Half down work on all hair types, colours and lengths. They give depth and add the impression of having longer hair, by creating a layer of sorts.

The versatile nature of this style is vast, you can incorporate braids, twists, with many different curl techniques giving the style a completely different feel.

These styles are perfect for any member of your wedding party as the styling is quick, perfect for the larger bridal party where time may be of the essence!

Keeping it Natural

At the core of any styling, I highly recommend that amongst all the noise and fluff that comes with being a bride, you will want to look and feel like a refined version of yourself. Many of my 2022 brides have opted for styles that truly reflect them. No fancy styling, just simplistic and recognisably them.

Opting to embrace natural curl patterns with moisturising products right up to ensuring the hair remains smooth and sleek with a trusty blow-dry. It's your wedding, I am a true advocate for having style that you love.

Natural styling often doesn't mean minimal styling. Every care and attention is taken to ensure that your style looks as good at the end of your celebrations as it does for your portraits before the ceremony.

Embrace how you wear your hair! If you are known for wearing it down, opt for a hairstyle that represents you and your personality. Likewise if you always wear your hair up in a top knot, know that, that is more than ok.

I'm here if you want to discuss how I can assist you with your wedding day hair, either fill out a contact form or drop me an email -

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