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My 5 Haircare Saviours!

My haircare must have's.


First up if you haven't read my previous blog post on 'How To Really Wash Your hair!' I would advise having a little read, it contains the fundamentals of my product do's and don't's and the positives of a double wash . . .

Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Now this may seem slightly fashionable or on trend but a silk or satin pillowcase is the perfect place to start with your haircare.

  • Silk pillows are hypoallergenic, protecting our hair and skin from irritation and is perfect for those with sensitive skin types.

  • Silk or satin reduces the friction on our hair reducing that cavewoman 'bedhead' look but ultimately reduces breakage and frizz for all hair types.

  • Silk assists the hair and face by retaining the natural moisture unlike that of other fabric pillowcases such as cotton which can cause our skin and hair to be more dehydrated.

We spend on average eight hours asleep so it is important we look at restorative care whilst we get our beauty sleep.

If a silk or satin pillowcase isn't for you, I would recommend turning the pillow or washing the cases more regularly if you suffer with acne prone skin and greasy hair. The reason for this is to ensure you are sleeping on a clean or fresh side ensuring you are not laying on excess oil from the night before adding to your hair getting dirty quicker and adding to your skin breaking out.

Bedtime Braids

This may sounds silly but one of the worst things you can be doing to your hair is sleeping in a ponytail or top knot! I hold my hands up sometimes the lazy comes out and I top knot my short locks, waking up in the morning with it acting as a strong foundation for the birds nest that once was my hair.

Sound familiar?

Shorter hair types can opt for a top layer plait along the lines of a half up half down (pictured). For longer hair French braids which will add a 'beachy' vibe to your hair the following day.

Sleeping in a braid regardless of the type you opt for prevents friction which can add to breakage, more so for those with porous, colour treated hair. The braids can aid as a filler between washes, disguising the roots with the texture of the waves but also adds a strong foundation to any curled style you may chose to wear.

Tangle Teezer

This diagram literally explains my reasons for recommending this brush!

Our hair is at its weakest when it is wet, which is why I always recommend brushing our hair when it is dry. Brushing our hair before washing ensures that the knots and tangles are removed without adding stress to our follicles. When our hair becomes wet these very knots can result in our hair breaking further.

Those with fine, porous or colour treated hair are more susceptible too breakage, combining all of my methods you will notice an improvement in the condition of your hair whether you have straight, curly or coily hair types.

Whats even better is that Tangle Teezers are the easiest brushes to clean - adding to our haircare routine!

Micro Fibre / Hair Towel

This innovative product is suitable for all hair types from fine and straight to coarse and coily.

Those suffering from brittle hair that is prone or susceptible to breakage either through medication or porous, colour treated hair, these hair towels help prevent further damage.

Combined with the squeezing technique the water will be absorbed by the towel saving you dry time.

Pop your hair in the towel and secure with the button at the nape (if opting for the turban) this gives you time to do your skincare and/or makeup by which time the material has absorbed the water, saving you time getting ready.

MoroccanOil Treatment / Light

I absolutely LOVE this product. Available as a standard oil treatment (black cap) for more dehydrated, thicker and darker hair types and as a lighter oil (white cap) perfect for finer hair and lighter-coloured shades.

Both formulars contain a rich antioxidant organ oil that absorbs into the hair follicle instantly aiding in the manageability adding shine whilst conditioning the hair without that sticky, grease like residue associated with so many hair oils and serums.

I originally started using this products when I had bleach highlighted hair and running this product from my mid length to ends on towel (squeeze) dried hair. Having naturally fine hair I find the light Treatment, light weight enough to use on dry hair and style as required.

Available in two sizes for those wanting to try the product out before committing to the full size. I can vouch that you won't be disappointed in this oil treatment!


For those of you wanting to upscale your haircare by investing in the items above, (exception of the silk pillowcase) head over to look fantastic (direct link) - For new accounts apply my coupon code (SALLYKATE-R2) at the checkout to receive £5 off £25 minimum spend or £10 off £50 mimic spend.

Happy Haircare - Happy Shopping!

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