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How To Really Wash Your Hair!

10 easy steps in achieving clean hair


“ I know how to shampoo and condition my hair ” - “ It’s no big deal ” I hear you say BUT are you using the correct products and are you really cleansing your scalp as well as achieving clean hair?


First up you want to be using silicone free products. When you use products that contain silicone it applies a sealing layer to your hair preventing moisture absorption and losing its natural shine, so if you have noticed your hair never takes a curl, its limp and lifeless or simply your colour never seems to last that long, this could be one of the reasons why!

Alongside your new silicone free shampoo and conditioner, I recommend you find yourself a clarifying shampoo. Use once a week for the everyday washers and twice a month for those who stick to a less regimented routine (apply in Step Five). This product will remove the product build up, every day air pollutants as well as restoring the ph balance to your scalp assisting in the natural production of sebum and giving back your natural healthy shine.

A few silicone names to identify within your haircare products -





Keep your eyes peeled for words ending in cone / cane / col / conol and oxane as these are often silicone’s in disguise (so sneaky). Many haircare products now list that they are silicone free, amongst others such as cruelty free, climate friendly and vegan making life slightly easier in selecting our go to products. These harmful silicones can be found in styling products too so be sure to check the ingredients.


Top Tip

For some it is obvious for others not so.

Never wash your hair in the bath, always wash your hair with running water.


How To Wash Your Hair

  1. It may sound silly but brush your hair. Our hair follicles are at their strongest when dry and weakens significantly when wet, so I fully encourage you to get rid of your bed head or those pesky knots prior to soaking your hair.

  2. The obvious next step is to wet your hair.

  3. If you have salon quality products they will be more concentrated than those of your typical high street retailers. So less is definitely more, I use roughly a fifty pence piece (pound sterling) in shampoo breaking it up in my hands first and evenly distributing it through my hair, focusing on my scalp by massaging it in.

  4. Rinse with lukewarm water - or as cool as you can take. The temperature of the running water makes a big difference to the brightness of your colour but also there is such a thing as burning your hair, I struggle with this, I LOVE a hot shower but alas my locks don’t and neither will yours.

  5. Shampoo. What?! I’ve just done that. Trust me, shampoo again, second time lucky I can guarantee it’ll lather up more. However when using a clarifying shampoo be aware that many do not lather up. I suggest working on your scalp first and do not add more (contradictory to my previous statement). Cleaning your hair in layers as opposed to adding a larger amount of product in one go breaks down the build up, giving you a cleaner result! If your hair is particularly dirty or you have been using silicone based products for a long time opt for a third wash.

  6. You guessed it, rinse again.

  7. Tricky as it may be whilst in the shower, squeeze as much excess water out of your locks. Conditioner applied to damp hair is preferable as soaking wet hair dilutes the product, giving you less desirable results. In turn working your way through your conditioner a lot quicker. Applying slightly more than a fifty pence piece (still in pound sterling) I apply mid length to ends, think of it as the ponytail. Add more product if you have longer locks and feel the need too, just avoid your roots. Follow the guideline instructions, conditioners often say how long to leave for, this will mean you get the most out of your product.

  8. If you are one for brushing your hair in the shower, now would be the time to do it. My hairbrush of choice is a tangle teezer but you can use a wide tooth comb which is gentle on your hair. Start at your ends and gently work up to your roots, never work roots to ends especially when your hair is wet. I personally avoid my roots whilst the condition is still working its magic as I have fine hair and suffer at times with oily roots, if your like me brush/comb up to around your ears.

  9. Rinse! You will have achieved a squeaky clean feel. Finish off with a cool rinse as like your pores, the temperature will seal your cuticles for more of that natural shine.

  10. Gently towel dry - I highly recommend a microfibre towel if you don’t already use one. They absorb excess water and are kinder on our hair. Remember to squeeze and squash your hair with the towel over rubbing or wringing.


Voila clean hair! Remember to give your hairbrushes a good clean regularly otherwise your hair wash will be for nothing.

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