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Your Hair Trial

How to prepare for your hair trial.


Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day in the styling of you and your wedding parties hair.

I tend to get asked the same questions so thought why not put all the answers together to help guide you through the process of working together to create your hair vision of dreams.


I ask for those having a hair trial with myself to arrive with freshly washed and thoroughly dried hair either the evening before or the morning of your trial.

Whatever you chose to do we will then aim to replicate this on the day of your wedding and the same applies to your wedding party.

I understand if like me you wash your hair daily - I wish I could leave my hair for longer than a day but sadly it would be ready to disown me and walk off my head!

I can give you all the recommendations and advice but you will know your hair better than anyone, so go with what feels right for you and your hair type.

Hair that hasn't been styled such as the use of hot tools for example straighteners or curling tongs, wands etc and hair that is product free is desirable and again will apply to those having their hair styled on your wedding day.


To assist you in the visualisation of your wedding day and to bring the elements together I advise those having hair trials to wear a top in the same or similar shade of your wedding outfit, a light coloured top if your opting for a traditional outfit such as a wedding dress and coloured top in the colour palette for any wedding party members.

Tops with a similar neckline can be helpful with the placement and overall feel for your desired look, however please don't loose sleep over this detail, it isn't detrimental to your appointment.


A picture of your outfit, even better if you've got a photo of you in your wedding outfit, it is super helpful in designing a style that will last the entire day.

For example if you have a high neck dress with buttons up the back but you are thinking of a low bun, the hair combined with the buttons may lead to it getting caught and pulling it out. Likewise Hollywood waves on a heavily beaded or embroidered neckline may result in fluffy pulled out waves.

These little details can help with the placement, design and overall finish of your chosen hairstyle.

I also love to see pictures of your wedding party and their images of inspiration for their desired hairstyles, especially those that won't be having a trial prior to the wedding day. These pictures help me allocate additional time to those who have longer or thicker hair types aiding in the organising of the schedule on the day of the wedding.


If you have your hair accessories and jewellery sorted such as earrings and hair pins, combs, vines etc, feel free to bring them along with you as we can work out your desired placement within your chosen hair style.

Alternatively if you haven't made a decision on accessories don't panic I stock a selection of pieces from Aureus Flos (pictured above), Sarah Vuong Bridal Jewellery & Alice & Blair which you are welcome to try on at your trial with discounts available should you find the perfect piece.


If you have chosen your veil and have it to hand then like your accessories bring it along as it can help with the desired placement much like that of your accessories.

Most veils come on a comb that slides into the hair, some combs are easier to place than others and hold different levels of security with some boutiques opting for metal combs over the more popular plastic teeth, all subject to personal taste.

If you are wanting to showcase your hair style and wear your veil underneath your chosen style such as an undo or ponytail. The comb can be removed and loops be attached for pinning on the day, you can enquire with your veil boutique or seamstress for details on how this can be achieved.

If you don't have your veil to hand or if you are undecided I have a two-tiered veil for you to try out with your chosen style (pictured above)


I am always on hand to answer any questions or queries you or your wedding party may have and if you don't find your answer here please do pop me a message at,

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