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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book?

Simply head to the Contact Page to fill out form or click here. Once you have filled out the contact form for your initial enquiry and given the availability of myself and the team you will be given the option to select the package and optional extras that best suits you.

Accept your quote, sign the contract and pay the booking fee of £150.00 and your date will be confirmed in our diary.

Where & When do trials take place?

Trials take place in my home studio in Hockley, Essex. Full address and travel details will be given on confirmation of your booking.

Trails are typically held on Mondays & Tuesdays with appointment times of 10am, 2pm & 5pm.

*Bank holidays due to popular demand are no longer available for hair trials.

For those of you who work in education or have restricted flexibility, please let me know when booking so that we can get a date booked outside of term times.

If I am sadly not available for your requested date and you are booked in with one of my Hair by Duboux team members then trial location, available dates and details will be given at point of booking.

When should I book my hair trial?

Trials are booked once your wedding date is confirmed via email after receiving your booking fee and signed contract.

Your hair trial will be held two to three months ahead of your wedding date. The reason for this timeline is that most of you 'big' details will be finalised, yet three months gives you plenty of time to make any adjustments to your cut or colour treatments, grow out any layers or fringes and time to source accessories / veils etc

On confirmation of your booking you will be sent a calendar link roughly four months before your big day to book your hair trial.

How do I prepare for my hair trial?

I advise that any member of your wedding party arrives to their hair trial with fresh clean hair from either the day / evening before or the day of the trial. Ensuring that it is dried (preferably blowdried ir rough dried) and refrained from excessive product usage and heat styling such as straighteners etc. Straightening your hair on the day if opting for curls / waves will inhibit the finished result.

From your trial appointment it will be determined if you need to alter your hair prep for the wedding day. If you don't receive specific instructions then please follow the above.

How long is a hair trial?

I allocate up to three hours for your hair trial. This is to ensure we can chat and style without watching the clock.

Three hours does sound extreme and for some of you it may be the longest hair appointment you'll experience - but hopefully an enjoyable one!

Your trial is as important to you as it is to me as your stylist. We trial products and techniques which then gets niched for on the day, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best.

Within this time we can trial up to two styles (which compliment one another in prep) for example Hollywood waves into a ponytail or a half up half down into a low bun etc.

I've found that by attending your hair trial with two chosen styles (or one favourite and a plan b) it takes away the pressures and overwhelm should you not fall in love with your first choice.

If after your trial you'd like to try a further style, a 2nd trial can be booked at the additional cost of £150.00.

Can I bring my wedding party to the trial?

Due to the size of the studio I sadly can't accommodate more than one to two guests in addition to yourself as the bride.

I have found previously with a larger group that the focus and attention is taken away from you and can add to the opinions and overwhelm when your trialling looks and making decisions.

One to two guests maybe a mum, sister or close friend often provide the support that you may be needing during such a personal service.

We take plenty of photos and videos for you to share with your wedding party and I'm more than happy for you to FaceTime or Video call whilst you're here so as to include them in the process.

Do you sell hair accessories?

I don't 'sell' accessories. However I stock select pieces from two independent female ran companies that each have discount codes should you wish to make a purchase after trialling the creations at your hair trial.

Sarah Vuong Bridal Jewellery - 10% Discount Code HAIRBYDUBOUX

Aureus Flos - 5% Discount Code SALLYKATE5

I'm thinking about Clip-in Hair Extensions?

There are many hair styles showcased on Pinterest and Instagram that contain hair extensions.

Clip-in's in my opinion offer the same level of desirability in the form of your chosen style, often making it more achievable and giving your look the wow factor, than that of more permanent methods such as keratin bonds, nano rings or tapes etc.

They are ultimately the cheapest method of hair extensions but that doesn't have to mean poor quality.

I tend to work mostly with European hair - unless you request otherwise. I've found the hair good quality and most durable to your expectations and requirements.

Typically the customisation is for weight, length and density aside from colour or blend. Mixing the shades often gives a more seamless approach for those who are wanting to add length.

If you are interested in having custom made clip-in hair extensions for your wedding day then this can be incorporated into your hair trial appointment.

Should you wish to be weight, colour, length and density matched ahead of your hair trial the appointment cost will be £35.00 - please let me know so I can send the calendar booking link.

How does it work on the wedding day?

From your trial we will have determined your chosen style and possible styles for that of your wedding party. This then enables me to work out timings for on the day.

I work off your ceremony time, any travel time required for you to get to the venue and any potential venue moves. Working with your chosen makeup artist to ensure everyone in your wedding party is accounted for.

A schedule sounds strict however its the most effective way of providing you with a stress free, calm, enjoyable morning and have you all all styled within plenty of time.

Schedules will be sent out roughly a month ahead of the wedding and will be uploaded as a PDF document into your client portal. Don't worry an email will be sent with a reminder of your login details should you pop them in a safe place or lock yourself out.

When do you finish on the day?

Please note in relation to scheduling on the day and requirements for an assistant.

All hairstyling will be completed with up to an hour prior to your ceremony time. This is the same should you be getting ready at the venue.

The last hour, I can't stress enough, simply does not feel like an hour. You'll blink and you'll miss it. For that very reason it gives you and your wedding party plenty of time to get dressed, without the aid of the boutique or seamstress, simply double the time - especially if you have buttons!

If you have chosen to have a registrar lead ceremony then you will be allocated roughly fifteen minutes each (as a couple) to have chat or interview with the registrar. This is a reconfirmation of the details you would have given when you each gave notice.

Typically the groom / identifying male goes first allowing more getting ready time for the bride / female identifying, however order and times can be determined when scheduling for those in female identifying / same sex marriages.

This last hour gives a buffer should anyone requires it (hopefully not) however it ultimately gives you a moment of calm and the time with your photographer / videographer to get any portrait shots of yourself, family and friends on the morning.

These typically are your last photos of you as a fiancé, capture it and enjoy the moment!

I don't leave you till you are ready to leave. I have been left to lock up family homes, close doors on hotel rooms and leave keys with concierge saving you any stress of last minute dashes.

What costs come with an assistant, and why would I need one?

An assistant is a fellow hair stylist who I like, know and trust and who are available on a freelance basis to Hair by Duboux.

The additional cost to yourself for an assistant would be a flat fee of £100.00 (*travel expenses may apply)

The purpose of having an assistant is to assist me in the styling of your wedding party in the timeframe required. Simply put the larger the wedding party and/or the earlier the wedding ceremony can often lead to the addition of an assistant.

Likewise if you wish for a later start or in some instances have a dry hire venue which requires you and your wedding party to set up the ceremony or wedding reception then the aid of an assistant can add some relief to the mornings plans.

Can I amend the amount of services booked?

I would suggest booking for the maximum amount required. For instance if an additional family member is undecided I would say include them, should they say yes closer to the time. Collectively we're covered.

Any alterations to the booking will need to be confirmed within 90 days of the wedding date. This is to ensure I am able to source an assistant should we require one, likewise any reductions in numbers within 90 days will still be charged and remain payable.

Do you offer payment plans?

The booking fee remains as a one-off, flat fee payment which is non-refundable / non-transferable, however this does come off of your outstanding balance.

You are welcome pay any amount post trial. This is to ensure that you are fully happy with your booking of Hair by Duboux as your stylist and avoids any refunds or money due back to you as the client.

Any payment made will update your invoice, however full payment will be due by the date listed on your initial quotation, all invoices, contracts and communications can be found in your client portal.


Any further questions please drop me a message at I'll be more than happy to assist you.

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