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Clip-in Hair Extensions

What you need to know regarding clip-in hair extensions


Out of all the hair extensions, lets face it there's a few varieties available to us on the market - Keratin Bonds, Rings and Tape to name a few, so why go for clip-in hair extensions.

Here you can read about my recommended do's and don't's of wearing, styling, storing and maintaining your custom made clip-in hair extensions.

1. Why wear clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are the best for the low maintenance lifestyle that requires the glamour of thicker, longer or more voluminous hair.

You literally clip them in and go . . . so to speak.

Clip-ins are generally the cheaper and most popular of the options as they don't require as strict a haircare routine than the other more permanent methods. That being said I highly recommend you have a regular haircare routine in place so as to maintain and amplify the health of your locks.

2. How to apply clip-in hair Extensions?

As clip-in hair extensions are the least evasive method it is important to select the correct weight of hair to your natural hair type. Although clip-in's will not cause damage to your hair when applied correctly due to the metal clips being coated in a protective layer of plastic it is good practise to follow these simple and easy to follow steps.

  1. I work by the rule of an inch or two fingers as shown in the images from the hairline at all times. Demonstrating an inch thickness from the hairline and nape of the neck.

  2. Using your tail comb or fine toothed comb, tease / back comb the section to create a sturdy foundation for the the extensions to clip in too.

  3. Position your wefts from the centre to ensure you get an even application. Clip onto the hair and close the clips, making sure that the top of the weft aligns with your section.

  4. I use Puff Me (light) voluming powder by DesignMeHair applied 2-4 inches from the the roots of your hair, alongside my tease / back comb to prevent the clips slipping. This product is perfect for those with fine and silky hair types (like myself) and adds to a natural volumised style. The application is made easy with a pump so as to not overload your hair.

  5. Taking your next section ensure the one inch rule is applied, when applying on yourself two fingers works as a good guideline as you are able to feel the pieces so you know where to align or place your next section.

  6. Repeat up until the occipital bone, I personally never apply clip-in extensions above the crown or the temples. The reason for this is you are left with less hair to disguise or cover the weft of the extensions and you run the risk of altering the shape of your head giving a bulky appearance. The only instance this rule may be altered is to achieve a bridal hairstyle where your hairstylist would place the pieces to enhance the look and feel of the style.

  7. All clipped in, ready to go or style as you wish. To prolong the life and quality of your hair pieces I recommend using a heat protector when using heated appliances.

If you suffer with brittle hair or hair loss through medical conditions or treatments, please seek medical advice from your doctor before investing in hair extensions for fear of damaging your hair further.

3. How to maintain your clip-in hair extensions?

Just like the hair on our heads, our hair extensions are subject to getting dirty through product build up and air pollution. This doesn't mean you need to wash them after every use, but be mindful of how long you wear and style them between washes.

Washing too often and not washing enough will both shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions. A recommended guide would be roughly fifteen wears.

I highly recommend silicone and sulphate free, salon quality shampoo and conditioners both for your hair and for your hair extensions.

  1. When washing ensure all the clips are closed. This will prevent getting in a massive tangle adding to potential breakage!

  2. Brush through the hair before washing to remove any knots, making sure you start at mid-way / the ends and work your way up to the weft.

  3. Loosely plait your extensions and secure with an elastic or hair band. This will reduce the the hair backing up or matting when washing plus will reduce your brushing time.

  4. Fill your sink up with warm to cool water lightly mixed with shampoo. Follow up by dunking the extensions in the water whilst holding the clip end. Run your free hand down the plait evenly distributing the shampoo and water over the length of the extensions.

  5. Rinse and repeat for a second wash. I always recommend shampooing twice, the first wash removes the dirt and grim through touching our hair alongside any product build up and the second wash cleanses the hair follicles restoring that squeaky clean.

  6. Follow the same process with conditioner. If your extensions are feeling a bit frazzled and are dry on the ends leave your conditioner to absorb for up to ten minutes before rinsing.

  7. Remove the plait and using a wide tooth comb brush through your hair extensions and leave to air dry. Optimum styling would be when the extensions are at roughly 70% dry.

  8. Add your styling serum to the towel dried extensions, mine is Gloss Me by DesignMeHair and always use a heat protector and you are ready to blow dry, I recommend using a warm to cool heat.

4. How long should you wear your clip-in hair extensions for?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Unlike the more permanent methods of application, Clip-in hair extensions should NOT be worn to bed.

Sleeping in your clip-in's can causes breakage to your hair as well as cause sore spots through the positioning of the clips on your scalp. The movement during sleep can cause the clips to open through the friction of your head on the pillow adding to further discomfort.

It is advisable that you do NOT shower or swim whilst wearing your clip-in hair extensions for the same reason that is causes damage to your hair that is otherwise avoidable. If you are wanting to sleep, shower and swim with your hair extensions firmly in place I would recommend a more permanent method.

5. Can you style clip-in hair extensions?

Providing you have real or human hair clip-in extensions then the answer is yes! Always use a heat protecting product when styling as this will protect the hair and add to the longevity and health of the extensions.

With your heated appliances, whether that be straighteners, wands and curling tongs and including your hair dryer opt for a mid to low heat.

Most real hair extensions can also be coloured or toned. A test section will be coloured to see how the hair takes and to ensure the correct methods are applied for the desired result. Always seek professional advice or ask you hair dresser or hair stylist to colour match at your next appointment.

Lois, wedding planner and bride required clip-in hair extensions for her wedding day, however with being a vibrant shade of red, it was hard to get the exact colour match. The pieces were bought in a clean blonde #613 and hand died using both Crazy Colour and Directions to achieve the end result of 'Vermillion Red'.

6. How should you store your clip-in hair extensions?

Storing your hair extensions correctly will save you time and money in the long run. The most desirable way is to brush through your clip-in's after every wear and store on a hanger, preferably in a dust bag (mini suit bag specifically for your hair) to ensure that they are protected.

When using the hanger option ensure your clips are all closed and sit comfortably above the closure of the hanger as shown in the image.

By storing your hair pieces in this way means they are ready to clip-in without the hassle of fixing them up wondering why you are missing a piece.


Our custom made clip-in extensions have previously featured in Your East Anglian Wedding Magazine, for a Christmas Themed styled shoot.


If you are considering clip-in extensions for your wedding day, prom or special occasion please add in your requirements on the contact form under additional information or alternatively send an email to the wigs site at


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