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What hairstyles work with glasses?!

Face shape, hair length and style all contribute towards a wedding hairstyle, then there's glasses . . .


I often get asked questions such as;

1. What hairstyle works with glasses?

2. Can I wear my frames at my wedding?

3. Will my glasses ruin my hairstyle?

4. I never see glasses in wedding inspiration images, why is that?


First up I am a glasses wearer myself and have been since the age of two. Being born in the late 80s my childhood frames aren't that different to the fashion and 20s of now - albeit maybe slightly more colourful as a toddler.

That being said looking back through the family albums there is no question of what era it is, first up through the hairstyle and makeup choices, but also the choice of frames is a dead giveaway.

I know if you're reading this as a glasses wearer or having family members, that probably rings true to you too.

So I can see why so many couples chose to go without and opting for contact lenses where possible, in the bid to capture a more timeless wedding portrait - of sorts.

Four year old me loved my very first wedding and this is where hairstyling for couples really took its hold.

Now you can see four year old me laughing away, whilst wearing my glasses, however for the professional images I had them whipped off my face and told to smile. At that age my retina display was pretty poor so my glasses were literally my eyes. Yet my glasses didn't inhibit my hairstyle, flower crown or overall flower girl outfit.

Why is this ok?

What hairstyle works with glasses?

Now my answer is all hairstyles work with glasses!

As a hairstylist I work with face shapes, hair texture, colour and length as well your style of wedding outfit, if you are wearing a strapless dress or a two piece, suit etc. The material of your outfit also plays a part in the style and design of your wedding hair.

Throw glasses into the mix and the styling doesn't change yet the technique may, only in the sense of how your frames alter the shape of your face and how we can style your hair to encompass those changes.

I wear my glasses everyday so for me not to wear my glasses for a a day let alone my wedding day, I'm not sure if I would 100% feel like me. Your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life, so for you to not wear your glasses may contribute to you not feeling like yourself, no matter what hairstyle you choose.

As I say to all my clients, you want to feel like a refined version of yourself and you want your partner to recognise you as you walk towards them.

I never see glasses in wedding inspiration images, why is that?

An image has the power to carry a subconscious message to the viewer and having few couples represented through disabilities whether that be physical or otherwise along with age, size and colour all being misrepresented and not true to the world we live in.

Shoots need to be all encompassing with their choice of models, you can be beautiful and still wear glasses.

I have styled both Ingrid & Sasha with the addition of my rather lovely Mulberry Specatcles as you can see they alter the face shape of the models but they don't alter the hairstyle or make it any less desirable.

Can I wear my frames at my wedding?

This is a question that in my opinion should never have to be asked and again the decision is solely to down to the wearer and sadly I have been asked many times.

I always suggest doing what is right for you as an individual and as a couple and what makes you feel the most you. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and recognise yourself on the most magical day of your life.

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