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FAQs Surrounding Hair Trials

Your Hair Trial Questions, Answered!


I believe that hair trials should come as standard for any couple planning their wedding day hair which was my deciding factor to include one within my bridal styling service.

What is a hair trial and why do I need one?

A hair trial is simply that, a chance to trail a chosen style whilst your chosen hairstylist trials the products and techniques that will enhance your look and add longevity to the style.

It is also an opportunity for you to meet face to face in person and to make that connection prior to the day itself.

You want to get on with your chosen hairstylist and have a mutual respect. If for whatever reason you don't get on, or you have a funny / off vibe chances are even if the style is perfect - you won't like it.

Your hairstyle is dependent on your individuality but also the style and design of your dress and feel of your wedding, be open minded with suggestions as you may be surprised with your chosen hairstyle.

When should I book my hair trial?

I carry out hair trials roughly two to three months in advance of the wedding day. The reason for this all your finer details will be spot on, such as your hair length, colour (although small enhancing tweaks can be made), you'll have your dress etc.

This is also ample time for me to recommend or source your accessories from Sarah Vuong Bridal Jewellery (10% Discount for my couples) OR Alice and Blair and to custom make your clip-in hair extensions if this is a requirement for your day.

Ideally a trial would not be carried out prior to you having chosen your dress or wedding outfit. This is simply due to it being the deciding factor of hair up or hair down in relation to the neckline and fabric of your outfit and the finish of your chosen style relating to the overall style and feel of the overall look.

How long does a trial last for?

Now each and every hairstylist works slightly differently, I personally don't like to leave my couples unhappy.

The process wants to be fun, exciting and enjoyable but you also want to feel like an amazing version of yourself. Your hairstyle whether you know what you want or need some assistance you want to look in the mirror and recognise the reflection.

A trial wants to be relaxing and without the stress of time restraints, with that in mind the day is booked exclusively for you, that being said the average hair trial is generally completed within three hours with one to two styles being trialled.

If you haven't got a clear vision in your mind, that is fine, this is why I ask for my couples to start saving their likes and dislikes. These images give a clear vision of your style and a theme will start to shine through.

The best place to do this is set up a Pinterest board for your wedding day hair. The board can be private and you are able to invite your hairstylist to view your board keeping your inspiration organised and in one place.

Can I have my hair & makeup trial on the same day?

Yes you can, the logistics are slightly more complicated but it is doable.

The trial will want to be staggered either hair or makeup going first so consider timings especially if you are wanting to trial multiples makeup looks or hair styles.

The location will want to be agreed by all three parties, in this instance either the wedding suppliers studio or your home address.

Can I bring my bridesmaids with me to my trial?

I understand the want or need for verification from family and/or friends but a trial is limited to two people under normal circumstances.

Post covid I am unable to accommodate additional members of your wedding party whom are not. having a hair trial themselves. This is due to reducing numbers within the studio space and time frames.

I have wifi that you are welcome to join and am more than happy for you to face time your loved ones for their thoughts and feelings.

As much as we all need reassurances from time to time and your wedding day is no exception, I would remind you that it is your day and to go with your gut instinct of what feels right for you in regards to your styling.

What happens if I don't like my hair after the trial?

As disappointing as this is for both you and I, ultimately you want to be happy and feel amazing. If you find yourself in this situation there are two option;

  1. We book a second hair trial* to bring your vision to life and ensure you leave happy.

  2. If sadly you feel we aren't the perfect match, there will be no hard feelings with you cancelling your booking with myself (Hair by Duboux). I wish you love and happiness as a married couple.

In line with my T&Cs *Additional fee would apply.

What is a consultation call?

A consultation call is between myself (Hair by Duboux) and you and it is an opportunity to discuss your wedding wants and needs over a friendly chat which can take place either before or after booking me as your hairstylist.

A consultation call usually takes place before a hair trial and is in the early stages of planning your wedding.

You get to ask me any question or queries you may have from your quote, to the process, to your hair and on the day.

No question is silly and no concern is too small.

If you are undecided or have something in your mind and need some advice please feel free to contact me to get a call booked in.

Feel free to drop me a message via

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