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When you have a good hair day, you feel good!

Hair is so much more than looking good its about feeling good, and that is where I can help you . . .

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I was fed up of styling my clients hair with the aid of clip-in hair extensions that they had purchased thinking they were getting a good quality product.

I was disappointed for them in the quality of the hair, the lack of customer service and the options available.

So I decided to create my own brand of custom made quality clip-in hair extensions!

By offering you a consultation it opens up the doors for possibility - hair colour, hair type, length, thickness with tailored hair care instructions to prevent damage to your clip-in's and most importantly to your own hair.

Clip-in Hair extensions are known for being the less permanent transformation but they often come with little to no care instructions and don't have your best interests at heart.

I have combined the customer service and consultation process that is more familiar with other more permanent methods of hair extensions with the famous clip-in product.

My physical product is different again to what's available on the market due to the individuality and flexibility of what I am providing.

The extensions are made to measure and are completely customised to you, your wants and needs.

I am proud to be a stockist. of The Silk Beauty Co luxury 100% Mulberry Silk, 22 Momme Pillowcases. 


Silk Beauty Co carefully crafted 100% silk pillowcases are designed with your beauty sleep in mind.  Creating less friction and an ultra smooth, comfortable surface to keep your skin cool.  They also don't absorb skincare products in the way some other fabrics do.  The silk pillow cases are available in a range of elegant colours - Juliet White, Aurora Blue Grey and Luna Silver.

I adore this hero of a product for the anti-frizz benefits reducing the risk of breakage to our hair while we sleep.

More information and colours drop me a message at